SEMSA (Sierra Medical Services Alliance) provides the exclusive paramedic ambulance service to the citizens of Lassen County, California, including the towns of Susanville, Janesville and Westwood. SEMSA has been the ground ambulance service provider for Lassen County since 2004 and has paramedic ambulances stationed in Susanville, Janesville and Westwood. SEMSA paramedics and EMTs are fully credentialed and continue to receive their required medical education from the REMSA Education Department.

SEMSA is a 501c3, not-for-profit corporation formed in 2001 to allow for the expansion of services and to create new services outside of the REMSA franchise. Those services currently include, but are not limited to, Med-Express Transport wheel chair services, Lassen County California ground ambulance services, ambulance service management contract services and various consulting contracts that the organization engages in.


Med-Express Logo

SEMSA's Med-Express Transport is a non-emergency wheelchair transport service specializing in customer care and comfort. Patients of Med-Express Transport use the service for trips to and from their doctor's office, diagnostic testing centers, outpatient clinics, hospitals or nursing homes. Long distance transports can be arranged to almost anywhere on the West Coast.

It is Med-Express Transport's goal to provide the safest and most comfortable transportation.

Vans are equipped with a medical radio for immediate contact with REMSA's state-of-the-art emergency dispatch center. Reclining wheelchairs, breakaway lifts and extra padding are available for added comfort and safety. Med-Express Transport staff can also arrange non-emergency paramedic ambulance transport if needed.

MedExpress may be contacted at 775-858-3300.

ICPDM (International Center for Prehospital & Disaster Medicine)


SEMSA is also the parent company for the International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine (ICPDM) and works closely with the REMSA organization in providing these services.